Here’s Why Jedi: Survivor’s Turgle Looks Familiar

Here’s Why Jedi: Survivor’s Turgle Looks Familiar

Turgle. The newest Glup Shitto of the Star Wars world.

Turgle is a new character introduced in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor who is a bit of a rapscallion. He’s a criminal, a scammer, and a little freak. Of course, the internet is obsessed with him. I mean, who couldn’t love a scamming frog man? Especially since he’s also voiced by Richard Horvitz, who just happens to be the voice actor of Zim in Invader Zim and Raz in Psychonauts.

Now, I’m yet to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. I also haven’t played Fallen Order. However, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen Turgle, and it probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen Turgle either. You’re probably thinking, “Sure, Turgle looks somewhat familiar, but that’s probably just because I’ve seen a lot of frogs in my time. How have you seen Turgle before if his first appearance is in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, a game that just came out the other day?”. That’s a great question, and I’m going to answer it right now. Here’s where you may (or may not) have seen Turgle before.

Coles, Any

Image: iStock / EA / Kotaku Australia

First things first, if you’ve ever been to any Coles Supermarket, there’s a sure-fire chance that you’ve seen Turgle. That’s because Turgle worked at Coles for over 15 years.

Turgle started working at Coles when he was 14 as a cashier, and would also stock the shelves from time to time. He never moved up in the ranks, but found himself constantly working at many different Coles thanks to his flexibility and his love of walking long distances. By his 15th year at Coles, he had worked at every single location in Australia. Sadly, he got fired after it was revealed he had been pocketing Yogo Chocolate Yoghurt the entire time to .

The Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre, Leichhardt

Image: Inner West Council / EA / Kotaku Australia

Now, as Turgle is a Frog Man, it only makes sense that he loves water. Where’s the best water? At the Leichhardt Aquatic Centre, of course!

The Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre is located in Leichhardt, Sydney and features a variety of different pools and fitness facilities to suit the community’s fitness needs, as well as a multi-story dive board and a children’s pool. Turgle is a big fan of the children’s pool, often opting to break into the pool after closing time to stand in the middle and ponder. This brings him great peace.

Hog’s Breath Cafe, Unknown

Image: iStock / EA / Kotaku Australia

Did you know that there are still a few Hog’s Breath Cafe’s in rotation? Not many, but there are definitely one or two around. That’s where you’ll find Turgle on a bad day.

Turgle comes to the Hog’s Breath Cafe for the ambience, and he stays for the great service. While many of the Hog’s Breath Cafes in Australia have unfortunately been lost to time, there are at least three (and at most 80) Hog’s Breath Cafes still going strong to this day, offering the very same dishes that keep people coming back for. You will often find Turgle at the Hog’s Breath Cafe doing credit card scams and playing Spider Solitaire on his Asus laptop.

The Italian Forum, Leichhardt

Image: iStock / EA / Kotaku Australia

As much as Turgle is a frequent visitor to the Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre, he also prefers to spend his non-wet moments at the Leichhardt Italian Forum. This is because he is very close with Sydney’s Italian communities.

While the Italian Forum in Leichhardt is not in the same shining state that it was 20 years ago, the slivers of Italy that do still remain within the walls of the Forum are loved dearly by Turgle. Not to mention, his weary head is welcomed by the dry, dry bottom of the Italian Forum’s decommissioned fountain. Technically, Turgle’s bank-breaking addiction to buying a spaghetti dinner every night in the Italian Forum is the only thing keeping the lights on.

And those are the places that you may or may not have seen Turgle before his appearance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor! At least, those are the places that I’ve seen him. That being said, it could also potentially be just some guy that I’m seeing as well. I can only see a metre or two ahead of me without my glasses.

Have you seen Turgle somewhere before?

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