What If Unpacking Had Demonic Rituals?

What If Unpacking Had Demonic Rituals?

When I played Unpacking for the first time, I felt calm. I felt peace. I felt home, over and over again. But what if I felt a sense of dread instead?

That’s exactly what comes to fruition with Unmooring, a short browser game inspired by the Witch Beam title and developed by calamitynolan. Unmooring is a browser game made for the Four Color Art Jam 2023, a game jam that requires those participating to make a game, animation, or piece of art using only four colour, chosen by the organiser.

Unmooring has three levels in total. You start in a room with what looks like a desk and arch. In the box that you must unpack are a set of items. Once the items are positioned exactly how they’re supposed to be, the ritual will begin with a simple click.

I won’t go too much further into detail about Unmooring because I think it’s a really neat little experience that only takes a small amount of time to get through. I recommend giving it a little try if you’ve got the time, the use of what little colour they have is very well done and it’s a neat little experience.

I’ve always found that heading over to Itch.io and checking out the game jams that have happened on there is always a treat. You never know when you’re going to find a hidden gem, and it can be a great experience when it comes to seeing what people can do within a short amount of time!

Another game from the Four Color Game Jam 2023 that I recommend you give a go is Egged by aarcangeli, which is a simple FPS platformer that seems you egging various column enemies while also getting to the finish line. It’s a great little procrastination game.

I love a good fan game. They can be great ways for budding devs to hone their craft, and sometimes the odd fan game even ends up being just as good, if not better than the original *cough* Pokémon Uranium *cough* oof! Sorry. Something stuck in my throat.

Of course, it’d be very hard to top Unpacking, one of our favourite games of 2021. That said, great concept!

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