Beyond The Spider-Verse Will Be A Gwen Stacy Jamboree

Beyond The Spider-Verse Will Be A Gwen Stacy Jamboree

Both of Sony’s animated Spider-Verse movies have helped to turn Miles Morales into a household name, and Spider-Gwen isn’t far behind. The alternate reality version of Peter Parker’s old flame Gwen Stacy has gotten real boost thanks to these movies, and the recently released Across the Spider-Verse is as much about her as it is Miles. We know that Gwen will (eventually) be getting her own spinoff movie, and in addition to that, 2024’s Beyond the Spider-Verse will introduce other Gwen variants for her to play off of.

If you haven’t seen Across the Spider-Verse, spoilers are just underneath.

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During a recent interview with Anthony D’Alessandro on his Crew Call podcast, producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller said that “currently,” the incoming third movie will see Gwen meet alternate reality versions of herself. “It’s on the page,” said Miller. The pair had some fun dancing around specifics, but they both zeroed in on one Gwen in particular they were excited for. Whichever world that Gwen hails from, Miller went and deemed her as “plot-integral” to the events of Beyond.

Across’ main plot concerns the idea of “Canon Events,” things that make Spider-Man into the hero he is. Uncle Ben and the death of a police captain are among those events, as is the death of Gwen Stacy. It’s one of the big moments of Peter Parker’s life, and was only adapted in film once with 2014’s Amazing Spider-Man 2. While Across doesn’t have Miguel O’Hara or any of the other members of the Spider Society explicitly mention it, that death has always hung over Spider-Gwen since she was introduced in the comics back in 2014. In the movie, she even points out that in other realities, she’s fated to die to further someone else’s story.

Across ended with Gwen and her own Spider-team hopping around the multiverse to find Miles (who’s currently stuck in Earth-42). With how hard these films are committed into digging into the idea of what Spider-Man is and the character’s “rules,” there’s sure to be some interesting spins on Gwen ahead of her eventual solo project.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is now in theatres.

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