Netflix Quietly Gives The Witcher (And Liam Hemsworth) Another Season

Netflix Quietly Gives The Witcher (And Liam Hemsworth) Another Season

The last several months have been tumultuous for Netflix’s The Witcher. After its third season hits next month, Henry Cavill’s time as Geralt of Rivia will come to a close as Hunger Games’ Liam Hemsworth steps into the role for the foreseeable future. But even with the actor change, Netflix still wants the show to stick around, as the streamer quietly renewed it for another season.

In a recent Deadline interview, casting director Sophie Holland casually broke the news, saying that season four is “just about to start filming…and there will be a short gap, then we go straight into season five.” Presumably, this is something that was meant to be officially revealed by Netflix closer to the launch of season three’s first half — or after its second half already aired — but now that news is just out there. Holland offered up no other real details beyond that, other than looking forward to Hemsworth’s take on Geralt. “He has a big fanbase,” she said of the Australian actor.

The Witcher has been one of Netflix’s big draws to its service in recent years along the likes of Stranger Things and Squid Game. Giving it another season ahead of season four’s production (hopefully) shows Netflix has a lot of faith in both the show and Hemsworth’s performance. And with the streamer’s aims to create a Witcher TV Universe that’s planned to have various spinoffs and prequels thrown into the mix, maybe we’ll see Hemsworth in one of those as well.

Season three of The Witcher (aka, Henry Cavill’s final season) will premiere its first part on June 29, and part 2 in July 27. Hemsworth’s first full season will presumably release in 2024, unless the production is impacted by the Writers Strike or anything else.

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