13 Things That You Can Play Doom On (But Probably Shouldn’t)

13 Things That You Can Play Doom On (But Probably Shouldn’t)

A talented modder has created a keyboard keycap that can play the original ‘90s hit shooter Doom. It even has sound! The new creation is just one more example of how the open-sourced shooter can be played on just about anything with a screen.

Doom getting ported to strange devices is such a common occurrence these days that, at this point, it’s almost weirder if I see Doom running on a console or PC. So seeing it pop up on the keyboard keycap is both cool and also, not surprising.

Thanks to Id Software releasing Doom’s source code in 1997—just four years after the game’s explosive debut—fans have spent the past 20+ years creating what are called “source ports” of the shooter that both extend the game in countless ways and let you play it on practically anything. And if Doom doesn’t currently run on a given device, you can likely modify an existing port to make it do so.

That’s why, in 2023, we have such a big and varied list of devices that you can play Doom on. Here are just a few of the weirdest and best ones.

Doom On A Keyboard

id Software / The KeebProject

The most recent, and probably not the last, example of Doom being played on a strange device comes from Bob of TheKeebProject. Using a custom PCB featuring a Raspberry Pi 2040 microprocessor, Bob was able to create something small enough to fit in a keyboard keycap but powerful enough to play Doom. This means you can play Doom on your PC while playing Doom on your keyboard. Wild.

Doom On A Tractor

Image: id Software / Kotaku /Hindrik Johannes de Groot (Getty Images)

Want to kill demons and zombie soldiers, but busy harvesting your crops? Never fear, Doom modders and computer hackers to the rescue. Yes, some folks got Doom running on a tractor’s built-in computer. Not the best way to play the classic shooter, but as you’ll see later, far from the worst.

Doom (Kind Of Running) On A Pregnancy Test

Gif: Kotaku / Foone

A pregnancy test typically doesn’t have the hardware capable of running Doom, but someone was able to use one weak device’s awful screen to remotely display and play the shooter. See, this is worse than playing Doom on a hacked tractor’s computer.

Doom On A Weird Handheld Device

Gif: Nic Magnier / id Software / Kotaku

The Playdate is a small handheld games machine that plays original indie games built specifically for the odd, cool little device. But even before it had been officially released, a developer was able to get Doom running on it. They even figured out how to let you use the Playdate’s distinctive crank input to operate Doom’s iconic minigun.

Doom On A Cash Register

Image: Kotaku / id Software / McDonald’s

Nearly any device with a screen is a target for Doom modders. If a device exists, odds are someone has either looked at it and thought “That can run Doom” or someone has already gone and ported it. Yup, the cash register at your McDonald’s is in the latter category. As this list shows, a lot of things are.

Doom On A Graphing Calculator

Dream of Omnimaga / id Software

Doom on a calculator seems like the perfect idea for kids who are bored in school. You might not be allowed to whip out your phone and play Roblox, but what teacher will get mad about a calculator being pulled out in class? And little do they know, you’re killing demons with a chainsaw.

Doom On An ATM

Aussie50 / id Software

Imagine someone looking over your shoulder, trying to get a peek at your bank PIN, and instead, they see the Doomguy killing a load of imps with a rocket launcher. Sure, they wanted to steal your money, but now they get to watch you play one of the best shooters ever made. That’s almost as good as money, right?

Doom Played Inside Minecraft

Gif: uDrunkMate / id Software / Kotaku

Minecraft is fun, I guess, but you know what would make it better? If it was actually Doom. Well, a mod for the popular survival game lets you build an in-game PC that you can then run programs on, and one of them is Doom. Now if only someone could mod Doom inside of Doom…oh wait…

Doom Running Inside Doom

kgsws / id Software

Well, there you go. Take a break from Doom by playing more Doom. What a world.

Doom On A Calculator Powered By Potatoes

Gif: Equalo / id Software / Kotaku

I know what you’re thinking: Wait, you already showed me Doom on a calculator. True. But someone went and got Doom running on a calculator that was powered by potatoes. Why? Well, what else are you going to do with 100 potatoes? Eat ‘em?

Doom On Twitter Or X Or Whatever It’s Called

Image: id Software / Twitter / Kotaku

Some people call it Twitter. Losers call it X. Whatever you call Elon Musk’s dying social media platform, it’s not the best way to play Doom. But, yes, you can play Doom on Twitter. Or X. Or whatever it’s called when you’re reading this.

Doom On A Lego Brick

Screenshot: James Brown / id Software / Kotaku

Even Lego minifigs want to play Doom! I mean it’s a good game. Makes sense. And lucky them, someone has gone and shoved a small-ass circuit board with 16K flash memory and 4K RAM into a blue Lego brick and created one of the tiniest and cutest ways to play Doom.

Doom On A Printer

Screenshot: Michael Jordon / id Software / Kotaku

Sure. Why not? Play Doom on a printer. Honestly, device manufacturers around the world should just start licensing Doom from Id and Bethesda and pre-installing it on all printers, smart TVs, fridges, and ovens. Just to save people time. And to force modders to go port Doom to even weirder things, like that giant orb in Las Vegas.

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