Miles Morales’ 10 Best-Looking Suits In Spider-Man 2

Miles Morales’ 10 Best-Looking Suits In Spider-Man 2

We’ve already recommended the very best ways to dress up Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2, and now, we’re here to focus on this partner-in-crime-fighting, Miles Morales. Miles has had to shoulder a lot of weight over the course of Spider-Man and Miles Morales. Most notably, he’s grieving the death of his father at the same time as taking over Peter Parker’s hero duties on his lonesome, while the OG spidey took a much-needed vacation.

In Spider-Man 2, Miles is agonizing over finishing his college application essay, using his superhero responsibilities as an excuse to procrastinate. Sure, it’s irresponsible, but we get a plethora of cool new spider suit designs as a result, so I’m willing to cosign on this one.

In the spirit of procrastination for the sake of rad clothes, here are 10 of our favorite Miles Morales Spider-Man 2 suits. Honorable mention to Miles’ City Sounds costume. It’s giving Sunday Best with a hint of Mr. Rodgers and it’s brave of Miles to confidently fight crime in it. Bless his heart.

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Tokusatsu Suit

Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Kotaku

Miles Morales’ Tokusatsu costume almost makes up for the fact that Insomniac still hasn’t given Peter the irreverent Supaidāman suit from the cult-classic 1978 Japanese television series. Almost. Nevertheless, Miles’ Tokusatsu suit is what Saturday morning TV shows are made of. It’s got giant, pointy shoulder-pads, sleek tinted goggles, and a nice raised red rim to complement the suit’s dark black design. Changing the suit’s colors also leans into the Power Rangers (Super Sentai if you’re really cool) vibe that the costume evokes. Unfortunately, you can only unlock this suit as a bonus from purchasing the deluxe edition of the game. Bummer.

Brooklyn 2099

Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Kotaku

The Brooklyn 2099 suit hits all the highs of Peter’s own Spider-Man 2 2099 outfit, while giving it its own distinct Miles Morales flavor. Brooklyn 2099 trades original suit owner Miguel O’Hara’s tight blue spandex, raised red trim logo design, and ridiculously large elbow thingies for black cargo shorts, durable-looking plated armor, and an embossed spider logo. It’s a futuristic Carhartt-esque suit for the battle-tested Spider-Man, if you will. Equal parts functional and practical, and I praise it.

Miles Morales 2020

Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Kotaku

Music is a huge part of Miles Morales’ identity in Sony’s Spider-Verse animated films, and Insomniac’s games. No costume, other than the aforementioned City Sounds suit, encapsulates that spirit quite like the Miles Morales 2020 suit. Miles’ animated logo and Daft Punk-looking mask, in tandem with his fingerless gloves and cyberpunk leather suit design, scream “Rave.” Plus, the suit is quite the looker under the night sky.

Bodega Cat

Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Kotaku

Miles’ Bodega Cat suit is one of those, “Do not wear during crucial cutscenes,” outfits that always get a giggle out of me whenever I wear it. Imagine: Miles is arguing with a Symbiote Peter Parker, when an orange cat—the himbos of the cat breed—pops out of a backpack to survey the melodrama with benign uninterest. The suit is a riot. It’s also wild that Miles’ furry companion doesn’t get squished whenever he has to pit-maneuver stolen vehicles in the game. That’s a tough kitty.

Across the Spider-Verse

Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Kotaku

As far as I’m concerned, Across the Spider-Verse’s Spidey suit is the definitive Miles Morales costume. The suit’s unique stuttered animation from the films makes the threads feel even more extraordinary both aesthetically and mechanically. It rocks.

10th Anniversary

Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Kotaku

The 10th Anniversary suit makes it on this list by virtue of it being the coziest-looking costume in Miles’ entire wardrobe. It is basically a wearable blanket that you can fight crime in. The suit also commemorates the anniversary of Miles’ first comic book appearance in 2011’s Ultimate Comics: Fallout #4.

The End

Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Kotaku

The End costume is streetwear fashion personified. I can’t get over how stylish the webbed sleeves on Miles’ hooded jacket are. The white variant of The End suit also looks like something I’d see folks fiending after in department stores. The story behind the suit, Miles Morales: The End, also explores what Miles’ final adventure would be like. I won’t spoil what happens in the comic, but I will recommend you go to your local comic book store and read it for yourself.


Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Kotaku

Recently, fans discovered Insomniac Games made an oopsie by putting the Cuban flag in Miles’s home instead of the Puerto Rican flag. Luckily, the devs didn’t confuse the two when designing his Boricua suit. It’s a good thing this flub didn’t make its way to Miles’ clothing, because it prominently displays his heritage on his chest. The flag flub is still perplexing given the praise Insomniac received from fans for its representation in Marvel’s Miles Morales, but the developer says it will fix the error in an upcoming patch.

Best There Is

Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Kotaku

What better way to remind players that Insomniac Games’ next superhero game will be X-Men’s Wolverine than letting Miles wear arguably the best lowkey-cosplay of the mutant in Spider-Man 2? I don’t expect you to answer this rhetorical question because that’s exactly what Insomniac did. For whatever reason, the Best There Is suit goes kinda hard, despite how odd it is to see Miles wearing it while pirouetting across New York City’s skyline.


Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Kotaku

Miles’ Forever suit is both a gut punch and a wholesome Spider-Man 2 suit design. The suit pays tribute to Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman who passed away in 2020. The suit perfectly meshes Spider-Man and Black Panther’s elegant costume designs, and looks perfect in the daylight and at night. But most importantly, the suit pays homage to the actor who proved pop culture fans will break box office records to see a Black superhero do his thing. Wakanda forever.

Those are my 10 faves. Be sure to sound off in the comments with your favorite Miles Morales Spider-Man 2 suits.

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