Video Games, Anthropology, And Why The Internet Sucks Now

Video Games, Anthropology, And Why The Internet Sucks Now

Welcome back to The Kotaku Australia Podcast. It’s a show about video games, and this week, we’ve got a special episode for you!

This week on the show, we’re doing something a little bit different. During PAX Aus last weekend, we caught up with South Australian game developer Chantal Ryan. You might have heard of her game DarkWeb Streamer — you may have even played it, if you stopped by their booth at the show. Chantal’s interview with Emily was so fascinating and wide ranging we decided that make it this week’s episode of the podcast. If you’ve not heard of Chantal before, or heard her speak about her craft, we’re very excited to introduce you.

Chantal is as much an anthropologist as she is a game designer, interested in people and what makes them tick. It is this willingness to burrow into the human psyche that has made DarkWeb Streamer, the first game from her South Australian studio We Have Always Lived In The Forest, one of the most hotly anticipated local titles in years.

In this interview, Chantal speaks with Emily on her extremely unorthodox pathway into gamedev, how her deep study of the Geocities-era of the internet informed DarkWeb Streamer, and why she thinks the internet of today feels so bereft of personality by comparison.

As always, you can find this week’s episode (and all of our previous episodes) on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere else fine podcasts are uploaded. The video version of this week’s show can be found on the Kotaku Australia YouTube channel, or you can watch it in the handy-dandy embed above.

Previous episodes of the show can be found in our lovely Episode Guide over here.

Thanks for stopping by and giving our weird little show a listen. We appreciate each and every one of you showing up, coming back, and leaving us comments and reviews. It all helps us out, and we take none of it for granted. See you again next week!

Image: We Have Always Lived In The Forest, Chantal Ryan, Kotaku Australia

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