Amouranth Spends $17 Million On Fruit Field To ‘Overtake’ Bill Gates

Amouranth Spends $17 Million On Fruit Field To ‘Overtake’ Bill Gates

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, one of livestreaming’s most recognizable women, is something of a tour de force. She’s building an empire, after all, having bought a gas station, purchased an inflatable pool company, sold water straight from her hot tub, and slung beer made with her vaginal bacteria. Love her or hate her, Amouranth is a savvy businesswoman making millions upon millions of dollars every year. Now, she’s using some of those millions—17 of them, to be precise—to add another expensive purchase to the pile: a 2,213-acre fruit orchard in and around Florida.

Amouranth tweeted on November 28 that she bought a total of four different orchard fields within and surrounding the Sunshine State. This acquisition, she said, cost her $US17 million, with an additional 928 acres available for her to purchase for another $US7.2 million. That’s a lot of millions, in case you lost count.

In some follow-up tweets, Amouranth explained the “what” and “why” behind making such a massive land grab. She said the “main crop” of the fruit orchard field is Valencia Oranges, a sweeter breed of the fruit that’s primarily used in orange juice production. As for the why, stability is one part, but the other is the anticipated “steady increase in value” of the property over time.

She is a capitalist, though, so a third piece of the rationale puzzle is taking advantage of Schedule F Bonus Depreciation, a policy that went into effect in 2022 that allows farm owners and taxpayers to reduce their short-term taxable income by the cost of depreciable assets to increase tax benefits in the long run. Essentially, she’ll take a financial hit now in order to recoup those losses in the future. Oh, and she’s “slowly but surely” set to surpass Bill Gates in terms of land ownership. Everyone’s got their own goals they want to achieve, am I right?

This goal of Amouranth’s is a lofty one, to be sure. According to a January 2023 report by Business Insider, the Microsoft co-founder owns some 275,000 acres of farmland spread across 18 different states. While it’s unclear exactly how much land the Twitch streamer owns, a car wash she scooped up in August 2022 sits on roughly 1.5 acres. Earlier this year, according to Essentially Sports, the ASMR queen also said she would buy 10,000 acres of undeveloped wilderness and call it “cheeseburger ranch.” (That sounds like a joke, if you ask me.) Assuming she did buy 10,000 acres of land and didn’t announce it, and combining all the rest that she owns, Amouranth would be sitting on an estimated 12,214.5 acres of land. Any way you slice it, she’s got a long way to go if she plans to overtake Bill Gates.

Kotaku reached out to Amouranth for comment.

The sometimes controversially risque content creator was one of the most-watched broadcasters on the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform. Amouranth eventually made the jump to the rival platform (and gambling-backed website) Kick in an estimated $US7 million non-exclusive deal in June 2023, going on to become the most watched female streamer there, as well. It seems her empire only grows larger as the years go on.

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