Doom Runs On Earrings Now

Doom Runs On Earrings Now

Just in case you were wondering if the world was running out of left-of-field items to run Doom on, the answer is no – you can now play Doom on a pair of earrings.

Streamer and self-taught developer Alina Matson shared a video of Tetris running on a tiny pair of Game Boy-like earrings last week to X (formerly Twitter), with one user replying that they gave it “less than 6 months before someone runs Doom on this.” Clearly, Matson was keen to speedrun the challenge, because the very next day she tweeted the response: “Yes, you can play Doom on my earrings,” alongside a video of the iconic game actually running on the bite-sized ear bling.

If you’re wondering how Doom, let alone any other game, can run on a pair of earrings, it’s all thanks to the playable ‘Thumby’ keychains by TinyCircuits, which were designed to look like a Nintendo Game Boy console in miniature. The keychains are powered by Raspberry Pi processors and come complete with over five preloaded games, with more games made by the community available to download. TinyCircuits also has a free in-browser code editor so you can develop your own games to run on the keychains.

In Matson’s video, she navigates the tiny version of Doom using the mini directional pad, although we don’t see any of the demon-killing action. I’d hazard a guess that it would take a lot of practice and some very small hands to get it down given the size of the earrings, but it’s a fun little gimmick nonetheless.

This isn’t the first (or last) weird and wonderful things that people have managed to get the game to run on, with the list of extremely out of pocket Doom machines including the likes of a tractor, an ATM, inside of Minecraft, and a very meta version of Doom inside of Doom itself. The options are seemingly endless if you’d rather play the game on anything but a traditional console, either to prove it can be done or simply for the running gag. 

This likely isn’t the only wearable fashion primed and ready to run games on, so I’m currently manifesting an entire outfit with every piece of the drip able to run Doom.  What would you like to see become a Doom machine? Let us know in the comments.

Lead Image Credit: id Software

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