Bowser Drops Bars In Jack Black’s New ‘Peaches’ Remix

Bowser Drops Bars In Jack Black’s New ‘Peaches’ Remix

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has ended its theatrical run, but still thrives on a handful of different streaming services. After making a billion dollars and garnering middling reviews, the greatest gift Mario’s animated romp gave us was the song “Peaches,” sung by Bowser about his unrequited love for Princess Peach. As we near the end of the year, Bowser actor Jack Black is back to remind us that the piano ballad is versatile, and works just as well as an EDM song.

On TikTok, Black posted a new video of him dancing to a remixed version of “Peaches,” while surrounded by floating peaches and dressed in his full Bowser costume on. Like The Kelly Clarkson Show did earlier this year, Black blurred out his bulge because that costume is thin enough to be revealing, but that’s not the important part here. The whole thing is pretty much a fever dream—from the floating fruit to Black’s eccentric moves—but the star of the short clip is the very danceable version of “Peaches” Black lipsyncs to. It includes a rap verse not found in the piano-driven original. Even when he’s no longer crooning and is dishing out bars, Bowser is down bad for Peach.

The new lyrics are as follows:

Peach, you’re the one that I love

Peach, you’re the one that I’m dreaming of

Peach, you’re the one that I need

Peach, I’m on my knees

You’re out of reach


🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑 #supermariomovie 📹 @Taylor Stephens

♬ original sound – Jack Black

While there’s no denying The Super Mario Bros. Movie was a financial success, and has Nintendo ready to double down on film adaptations of its games, the movie’s quality beyond its animation was pretty divisive when it premiered in April. “Peaches,” however, became a widespread phenomenon, with interpretations and covers going viral all over the internet. It was easily my favorite moment of the movie, because it illustrated just how much of a pathetic simp Bowser was, a successful moment where the movie tried to flesh out the characters beyond archetypes.

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