Here’s What Kotaku Readers Want From GTA 6

Here’s What Kotaku Readers Want From GTA 6

Last week, we asked y’all what you’d like to see from GTA VI now that we know Rockstar Games will drop an official trailer on December 5. Any response was welcomed here. You could get creative, tossing out ideas that are probably less than likely. Or you could keep it realistic, presenting features that might be more plausible. Either way, the floor was yours, and now that we’re just one day away from the trailer coming out, it’s time to see what y’all came up with.

The responses were quite something. Some comments made sense, while others left me dead out of laughter. There is one common theme shared among everyone’s opinions, however: freedom. Y’all really want Rockstar Games to let you do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want in GTA VI. I get that.

So, without further ado, let’s go over the many responses to find out some of the features y’all would like to see from the next Grand Theft Auto.

Sweet Freedom, Baby

Image: Rockstar Games

The only big thing I’d like is for missions to go back to being up to the player in terms of how they’re tackled. It used to be that they just tell you X needs to get done, do whatever you want to get it done. [Red Dead Redemption 2] was the total opposite of that. If you strayed even a little from what they wanted the narrative to look like, it was a mission failed. – Lazytango

more variety in being able to approach missions/goals. red dead 2 made me feel like as soon as i wasn’t doing exactly what the game wanted me to i’d fail and that really hindered my enjoyment. – Adam J

I’m hoping for a robust single player experience but I have no illusions as to what makes them their money so feeling a bit pessimistic about it. The most important thing for me is mission design, variety, fun, and as another commenter noted, a variety of ways to approach success. I’m also hoping for the stellar writing that accompanied GTA5. – DogPark

absolute freedom. if i can see it i want to go there. not just expansion on a map but depth and heights to explore. – williejay

Mountains. I will go bonkers if everywhere is as flat as Florida. – Ignore This

Clear Offline-Online Separation

Image: Rockstar Games

I hope that the inevitable on-line focus doesn’t interfere with the campaign (I hate using the word “campaign”, as though it’s just a mode). So far, Rockstar’s games haven’t beat you over the head with online hooks, but if everything is some sort of stupid unlock for online mode, I’m out. I don’t want to collect “gestures” or whatever bullshit while I’m playing the story or have to start offline lobbies. – Hippoposthumous 

A solid, well-realized single player game with no “always online” requirement and no micro-transactions unless they are just useless cosmetics that have zero impact on the game itself. Hopefully I am dead wrong but I fear that GTA 6 will be nothing more than a next-gen modernized platform for Rockstar to push GTA Online 2.0 with a single player mode that is just a half-assed afterthought gesture to appease old farts like me. – FkBoi Peninsula

Let me install the fucking campaign without downloading GTA Online as well. That’s it. The game will be great I’m sure, I just don’t want to download 100+GB for just the damn campaign. – AnimatedTie

No More Drawn-Out Animations

Image: Rockstar Games

I know Rockstar is super proud of its realistic animation work and the way things move with a weighted physicality, but it makes for incredibly tedious and frustrating gameplay. I hated how characters moved like tanks in GTA5, not every action needs to needlessly drawn out hand crafted animation. – archronos

I have felt the same way since back in GTA4 when they first hyped their animation system. If things were actually weighted and moved properly it should imitate human movement. Every single character animation in GTA4, 5, and RDR2 feels like it’s 25% slower than what is realistic, at minimum. – Badprenup

A More Grown-Up GTA And Rockstar

Image: Rockstar Games

I’m also excited by the prospect of a more “culturally aware” GTA. Aside from being a Good Thing in General, I think it will make them have to try a little harder. GTA can have some solid satirical moments but they’re often overshadowed by a million lazy dick and butt jokes (subject is fine, it’s how lazy they are. Only seem to go for low hanging fruit). – Old Man Seven

yeah slightly better dick and butt jokes would be good enough for me. – Adam J

An end to the GTA series’ sexist, homophobic, transphobic, juvenile sense of humor. It’s been a glaring problem for a long time now. – thecarnitaskid

They don’t have to get rid of all of it, they just have to showcase how it’s cringy and anti-social behavior. Like how in RDR2 the camp characters would vilify Micha for his vocal bigotry and Darwinist ideas and the player can respond to it as Arthur by telling Micha to cut that shit out. – Villainous Anonymous

How About A Release Date?

Image: Rockstar Games

A 2024 release date. – Spartan

Fun, Fun, And—Wait For It—More Fun

Image: Rockstar Games

Man I wish they could make a game that is fun to play and isn’t so far up its own asshole in terms of trying to be dramatic and cinematic and shiny. That would be nice. – Badprenup

The same thing I want in life, more fun and less depression. – InfernoRFU

Honestly they’re just about the only company I trust to just make the best game possible in this framework. […] If I can have this much fun just dicking around, I’m sold. If the story is great and the missions rule too? Hell yeah. – ApocalypticBoredom

Not one single microtransaction or battle pass or virtual currency. This wish will not be granted. – Connor Dickless

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