The 11 Best Video Game Sequels, According To Kotaku Readers

The 11 Best Video Game Sequels, According To Kotaku Readers

Earlier this week, we asked you all to give us your choice for the best video game sequel. Any sequel would count and everyone was free to suggest any game they wanted, no matter how old, obscure, or divisive. And we tallied up all the answers, crunched the numbers, and figured out your top ten sequels.

Before we get to the games that made the cut, a few honorable mentions that some folks named but just didn’t get quite enough love to make our list: Uncharted 2, Titanfall 2, Resident Evil 2, Super Mario 64, Ms. Pac-Man, Batman: Arkham City, and Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.

Now, here are your choices for the best video game sequels of all time. (And sorry in advance that your favorite didn’t make it.)

Mass Effect 2

Image: BioWare / EA

This was your clear front runner, with the most comments and support. Oddly, most people just said Mass Effect 2 and didn’t provide any in-depth explanation. I get the feeling a lot of people think this is the best sequel and don’t see the need to defend it or explain their choice. And as someone who loves ME2 (it’s the best Mass Effect game), I get it. – Zack Zwiezen

Street Fighter 2

Image: Capcom

The answer has to be Street Fighter II. Improving on a little-known original game to essentially redefine video games for the next 8-10 years. – ultramattman17

[Street Fighter 2] might be the closest thing to a “right answer.” – Adam J

Lots of good calls in this comment section, but the best sequel is Street Fighter 2. Everything else is just hunting for 2nd place. – DrugBust

It’s hard not to default to Street Fighter II whenever I hear this question. It’s really difficult to top it in terms of how much it improved upon the original. It’s basically the quintessential video game sequel. – StealthMantis

Halo 3

Image: Xbox / Bungie

Also Halo 3, maybe it was just the marketing blitz but there was just something in the air when that game came out. – DrAceRobotnikPetInspector 

Halo 3 was an Event. – Garland

Red Dead Redemption 2

Image: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption 2. Not just one of the best sequels, it’s a Top 5 game of the last 20+ years. – GoalieLax 

So hard to pick one. Red Dead Redemption 2 was something else. – MoMoney79

Red Dead Redemption 2. – Bindolaf

Portal 2

Image: Valve

Portal 2. It just perfectly expanded upon every facet of what made the first game great. – Kirksplosion

Loved Portal 2 – really built on its predecessor. – MoMoney79

I posted Mass Effect 2 and I stand by it, but Portal 2 is a very good answer! – Nilus 

Super Metroid

Image: Nintendo

Super Metroid, all day, every day, hands down took everything from the first one [and] improved the graphics [and] gameplay. I still break out my switch and fire it up. – Retorrent T

Super Metroid, Mass Effect 2, Mega Man 2… – tatababasco 

Super Metroid. Hard to top how much this perfected and elevated the formula. – BigBudd45

Mega Man 2

Image: Capcom

That’s an easy one for me: Mega Man 2. It’s my all-time favorite. Some people prefer 3, and I get it, but 2 just hits the spot for me. – erakfishfishfish 

Mega Man 2 is absolute perfection. – ultramattman17 

Silent Hill 2

Image: Konami

Silent Hill 2 – I still think about this game regularly even 20+ years later. – fireupabove

On my list would be: TLoZ: A Link to the Past, Silent Hill 2, Metal Gear Solid, Half-Life 2, The Last of US 2, Super Mario World, Mass Effect 2, God of War Ragnarok, Dead Space 2. – JoeInTheBox

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Image: Bethesda

This would be it for me. Never liked any of the previous titles in The Elder Scrolls series. But Skyrim I’ve spent thousands of hours in. Also, the game that grew the modding scene the most out of any other game ever so far. – SandSanta

How has nobody mentioned Skyrim? People are still BALLS DEEP in that game 12 whole years later. – MrMcGeein3D

It’s gotta be Skyrim. I did enjoy Oblivion and Fallout 4 quite a lot, but I came into them without prior knowledge of their franchises, whereas Skyrim I came to already knowing what to expect and having my expectations fully satisfied. – SilverWing548

Super Mario World

Image: Nintendo

Super Mario World is the best 2D [Mario] sequel, but then Super Mario 64 or maybe Mario Galaxy is the best 3D sequel. – Darkhawk

Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, Breath of the Wild, Halo 3, TES IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3 – panthercougar

Super Mario Bros. 3

Image: Nintendo

I think the sequel that had the most impact is probably Super Mario Bros 3. In terms of quality and innovation, it was leaps and bounds better than the original Super Mario Bros 2 released in Japan. Much better powerups, a map that let you choose what levels you’d go to, tons of little secrets to find, warp whistles, and overall so much better when it came to gameplay and level design. – Straw Hat

Super Mario 3 had an impact that no Mario game had until Mario 64, but even then. Nintendo was at its peak of dominance in the US market. You didn’t go play video games, you went to go play Nintendo. Everyone had a Nintendo.

Maybe some kids got a Genesis, but never had a NES…but every kid I knew had an NES. I was in elementary school, every boy in class talked about Nintendo games, Captain N and the Super Mario Brothers Super Show were on TV (with Zelda on Fridays), and there was cereal. Nintendo’s comparative dominance was insane. They marketed the fuck out of that game. – BigBudd45

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