Palworld: The Best Pals To Catch For Every Situation

Palworld: The Best Pals To Catch For Every Situation

With its large open world and vast assortment of Pals to acquire, new survival game sensation Palworld can be intimidating, and securing the best Pals can feel like a fulltime job. Not to worry, this guide will help you locate the best Pals for both combat and work-related tasks.

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While most of these Pals can be found out in the world, you can also produce some by breeding. For a rundown of breeding basics in Palworld, see our guide here.

The best Pals for combat according to type

If you’re looking to come out on top of a brawl, these Pals won’t steer you wrong. We’ve broken them down by types, the level you can expect to encounter them at, and coordinates for their most likely locations.

  • Neutral: Paladius, Level 50 (446, 680)
  • Dark: Necromus, Level 50 (446, 681)
  • Dragon: Jetragon, Level 50 (-789, -321)
  • Ice: Frostallion, Level 50 (-357, 508)
  • Fire: Jormuntide Ignis, Level 41-42 (-660, -115)
  • Grass: Warsect, Level 30 (-660, -80)
  • Ground: Anubis, Level 47 (-130, -96)
  • Electric: Orserk, Level 41 (558, 324)
  • Water: Jormuntide, Level 45 (-176, -268 or 351, -85)

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The best Pals for working on your base

Battling isn’t the only thing you’ll be doing in Palworld. As you build your base, you’ll want to find the best Pal for the job. We’ve broken down the best Pals for each type of work. As farming is broken down into different kinds of materials, these are not within the scope of this guide.

  • Cooling: Frostallion, Level 50 (-357, 508)
  • Electricity Generation: Orserk, Level 41 (558, 324)
  • Gathering: Frostallion Noct (Breed Frostallion with a Dark-type Pal)
  • Handiwork: Anubis, Level 47 (-130, -96)
  • Kindling: Jormuntide Ignis, Level 41-42 (-660, -115)
  • Lumbering: Wumpo, Level 43 (-341, 276)
  • Medicine Production: Felbat, Level 23 (-411, -55)
  • Mining: Astegon, Level 38 (-576, -472)
  • Planting: Broncherry, Level 23 (-302, -217 or -260, -292)
  • Transporting: Helzephyr, Level 25 (-70, -273)
  • Watering: Jormuntide, Level 45 (-176, -268 or 351, -85)

And those are the best Pals to help you emerge victorious from a fight and make the most of your base. Which Pals have been your go-tos?

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