Palworld Breeding Basics And Helpful Tools

Palworld Breeding Basics And Helpful Tools

Capturing and putting your Pokémon-like Pals to work isn’t the only thing you can do in the outrageously successful new survival game Palworld. By breeding them, you’ll unlock new skills, discover new Pals, or simply grow your unregulated labor force, creating more paws and claws to do your bidding.

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To start, you’ll need to hit level 19, have a pair of sexually dimorphic Pals, a Breeding Farm, some Cake, and an Egg Incubator (just like real life).

You’ll construct your Breeding Farm like you do other structures in Palworld. Once you hit level 19, you’ll be able to unlock the Farm with two points and can proceed to build it with 100 Wood, 50 Fiber, and 20 Stone.

To get your Breeding Farm ready for some action, you’ll need to bake a Cake in a cooking pot or stove with 8 Red Berries, 8 Eggs, 7 Milk, 5 Flour, and 2 Honey. Place the Cake in the Breeding Farm’s chest, then carry two compatible Pals who are working at your base to the Breeding Farm.

If you follow all these steps, you’ll see a HUD notice titled “Breeding… Love is blossoming between the two Pals.”

Once the Breeding has wrapped, you’ll need to place the produced Egg into an Egg Incubator, which can be built at level 7. Costing 1 ancient technology point, it requires 30 Stone, 10 Paladium Fragments, 5 Cloth, and 2 Ancient Civilization parts to construct the Incubator. Place the Egg in the Incubator and wait for it to finish. Incubation may take as long as 20 minutes..

Use Kimpton’s Palworld Breeding calculator

Palworld is still fairly new, so folks are still discovering its many secrets, including the results of its nearly 20,000 breeding combinations. To simplify the predictive work of pairing up Pals, be sure to use the calculator at Kimpton’s Palworld Breeding Guide. Here you can combine different Pals to see what the offspring will be, as well as determine which Pals you’ll need if you want to produce a specific one.

With the many tasks you can assign to your Pals, having more of them helps. And while you’re always free to go out into the wilds of Palworld to find more, sometimes it’s nicer to settle down and produce a little Pal family of your own. What Pals have you bred?

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