Deus Ex Owners To Adam Jensen Actor: Stop Talking About The Character

Deus Ex Owners To Adam Jensen Actor: Stop Talking About The Character

Actor Elias Toufexis is probably most famous for his role as the gravelly-voiced cyborg Adam Jensen, the protagonist in Eidos Montreal’s Deux Ex prequel games. He loves to talk about the character and his possible future, but according to Toufexis, the studio that owns the franchise would rather him not talk about Jensen so much.

Toufexis isn’t a one-trick pony. He recently showed up in Starfield as the loveable bi space cowboy Sam Cole, and he’s also going to appear in the upcoming season of Star Trek: Discovery as a new alien character, L’ak. But still, all these years later, his role as Adam Jensen in 2011’s Human Revolution and 2016’s Mankind Divided is one of his most popular and talked about, even if we haven’t got a new Deus Ex game featuring the cyborg in close to a decade. That hasn’t stopped Toufexis from talking about Jensen. But apparently, Eidos Montreal would like him to stop, actually.

In a new interview with PCGamesN, comments from Toufexis seem to indicate that his relationship with Deux Ex developer and owner Eidos Montreal isn’t as great as fans might assume. He says after 2016, the studio doesn’t reach out to him anymore, adding that everything he’s heard about Deus Ex and the studio’s future projects comes from “friends” speaking off the record.

“Even when [Eidos Montreal] went off and did Guardians Of The Galaxy and shelved any [Deus Ex] sequel, I had to hear about it second-hand,” said Toufexis. “They didn’t even throw an audition my way. They don’t tell me shit. Everything I’ve heard is from friends off the record, and it ain’t much.”

The actor remembers the last time the studio contacted him directly:

“I remember I heard from Eidos in 2020 when they called me to ask me to stop talking about Adam Jensen in interviews and podcasts because they wanted people to focus on other things from the studio, which really shows how popular Jensen is, or was anyway,” said Toufexis.

Kotaku has reached out to Eidos Montreal.

For now, it seems unlikely we are going to get another Deus Ex game anytime soon from Eidos Montreal (a company owned by the massive and controversial Embracer Group, which has been in the news recently after a big deal blew up and led to a ton of layoffs and studio closings). It was reported in January that a possible Deus Ex sequel was canceled amid layoffs at the studio.

Saying Goodbye to Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen

In a February 7 Reddit post, the actor seemed ready to say goodbye to the popular Jensen character, as it seems unlikely he’ll be featured in a Deus Ex sequel again. However, he left open the possibility of returning if another company buys the franchise.

“As you guys all know, Jensen is one of the characters I’ve played who is near and dear to my heart,” wrote Toufexis. “It seems I will always be associated with him and that’s just fine with me. Alas, his story seems done. I’m relatively certain the game that was canceled was not an Adam Jensen story, so the cancellation angers me more than anything else because friends at Eidos got laid off. Video game companies right now are in a weird place. I hope it gets straightened out.”

“I hope you like the other work I’m fortunate enough to put out there, but I know that whatever the character is, he won’t mean as much as Adam Jensen does to a lot of you… and to me. For the love and support? I asked for this.”

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