From FF7’s Tifa To Nathan Drake, These Are Your Biggest Video Game Crushes

From FF7’s Tifa To Nathan Drake, These Are Your Biggest Video Game Crushes

In the spirit of the season of love we asked you, dear readers, to share with us your biggest video game crushes. The answers are in, and they are varied. Turns out there are a lot of characters to love across countless video games. Heroes, villains, sidekicks, you name it, somebody is crushing on them. While there were a few franchises and even specific characters that a vast majority of the community seems to be in consensus about falling in love with, there are just as many deep cuts. And the reasons for these crushes forming in the first place are equally varied.

So without further preamble, let’s dive into the most swoonworthy characters in gaming, according to Kotaku readers.

BioWare has stolen a lot of hearts

Screenshot: Electronic Arts

There is no question that my answer is Aveline from Dragon Age 2, especially since I found myself thinking about her today due to another thread. Her character, struggles, ideals and convictions are all just so great while really combining into this awesome partner in Hawke’s journey who has her own clear path there. Like seriously, for me, one of the best characters Bioware has created. – Hiemoth

Iron Bull is the GOAT. Big dom Qunari daddy with religious trauma. Yes. Yes please very much. – Tsume76

Tali is also top-tier. Wish she’d been a romance option for a female Shepard. – VictorVonDoom

No comment from me, but while working at my first coding job in 2001-2002, two of the development team got into a literal fist-fight on the topic of romance options in Baldur’s Gate 2 (specifically Aerie vs Jaheira). – Marlor

Final Fantasy forever

Screenshot: Square Enix

Growing up Tifa (FF7)…for sure. Beyond the obvious reasons, Tifa was grounded, modest, child-hood dreamer, could still respectfully kick your ass. – Aleaf Inwind

I probably should have figured out I was bi when in middle school, I had a crush on both Auron and Lulu from Final Fantasy X. – Governor_Explosion

Garnet from FF9 when I was 10. Not sure if it was a crush on her as much as it was hoping intensely that her and Zidane end up a couple. Crush by proxy? – Sennep

Aeris. Yes, I said “Aeris” in how she was called back in 1997. Mis translation or not, I prefer it much more. Had my car license plates named the same in high school. – Drunk Squirrel

Quistis. She’s got the teacher vibe. Attractive. Glasses. Tough as friggin nails- manning the machine gun shooting the hell out of the spider boss? Hell yeah. Huge crush on her formed. Then her insecurities start to show. She has such a great character arc through the game coming to terms with everything that happens. I remember fervently making saves at the all cutscenes she was in to be able to go back and talk to her and see her in HD CGI. – TaotaiseiFire

Hunks galore

Screenshot: Capcom

Easy: Nathan Drake forever. – RayIvey

Dante is always in my heart since the first game! – Inhert

Kano from Mortal Kombat is a terrible knife pervert but he is also so. goddamn. hot. in MK11. Blisteringly, achingly hot. – Tsume76

Villains get some love

Screenshot: Team Salvato

One person I don’t think gets enough love is Monika (Doki Doki Literature Club), psychopathic computer programs are people too and they deserve love just as much as anyone else! – Aleaf Inwind

Arkham City Talia Al Ghul…I knew I was into Toxic but loyal women when teenage me chose Shego over Kim Possible =) – darthspartan117

More recent picks

Screenshot: Larian Studios

Panam in Cyberpunk. I played it at launch and got through the final mission and was legit sad how that worked it. I felt that most of the game, everything I did I did for Panam. – harryBundles

I need to revisit it, but I liked Shadowheart quite a bit and was really working towards romancing her before I stepped away from the game. – Tony Snark

Most recent (and excluding romanceable characters in games) is probably Kisara from Tales of Arise.

Something about a capable warrior woman with an athletic body with a caring side seems to fire quite a few neurons for me. – Bereman08

The people’s princess

Screenshot: Nintendo

BOTW Zelda – Nilus

Princess Zelda. Now and always. Which game? All of them. (Though her Tears of the Kingdom design is… wow.) – DeadLineDance

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