How To Romance Tifa In FF7 Rebirth

How To Romance Tifa In FF7 Rebirth

Like the original 1997 RPG, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth lets you go on a nice little date with all but one member of the party (sorry, Cait Sith). And while Rebirth has an easier-to-understand relationship system than the original game, it can still be a little confusing. That makes picking a specific character, say, Tifa, a little challenging.

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Not to worry. I’ve laid out all of the necessary parts of getting Tifa to come knocking on your door at the Gold Saucer for some personal time together. She’s no Aerith, but Cloud’s hometown girl does truly care about Cloud in a way that few people do. So let’s learn how to make her feel just as loved.

How to check Tifa’s relationship level

On your first playthrough of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you’ll need to rely on floating smiley emojis to check a character’s relationship level (once you complete the main story you’ll unlock the Play Log which fully details each character’s relationship progress).

While you’re out exploring, you can hold down L1 to pull up the color-themed smiley emojis above the characters’ heads. The color starts out as gray for the lowest relationship level, then progresses through to purple, light green, green, blue, and finally light blue. There’s a little meter surrounding the face, but unless you’ve got like a 65-inch 4k screen, it’s hard to read clearly. Just go by the colors.

All of Tifa’s side-quests

FF7 Rebirth ties each side-quest to a specific party member. When you complete that quest, you’ll raise your affinity with whichever character is featured in the quest. Also, some side-quests will require you to meet certain conditions for a perfect completion.

Here are all of the side-quests to play to raise your affinity with Tifa (and how to get the best outcomes for each):

A Rare Card Lost

“A Rare Card Lost” is one of the first Tifa side-quests you can grab in the Grasslands. It’s also a vital part of the Queen’s Blood mini-game and quest path if you’re into that. Snag this quest from the job board in Kalm and talk to…a very overly emotional bartender. (Doesn’t he know I’m supposed to be the one crying at a bar after all this tequila, not him?)

You’ll have to play some Queen’s Blood, of course, to wrap this quest. If you’re struggling with this (quite good) mini-game, check out our tips on being the best Queen’s Blood player on the Planet.

Calling All Frogs

Another mini-game related quest, this one involves the Leap Frog game which some of us like, and some of us don’t. Grab this quest from the job board and talk to some wayward children down by the docks who are having perhaps too much fun transforming themselves into frogs.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

You’ll have to do a bit of fighting, and then it’s onto Leap Frog.

Dreaming of Blue Skies

This is a beautiful side-quest, and one you shouldn’t miss even if you’re trying to romance someone else. To access it, you’ll need to first complete “When Words Won’t Do,” in Under Junon. This will unlock the Crow’s Nest, where you can grab “Dreaming of Blue Skies” from the job board.

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Towards the end of the quest, you’ll need to pick a choice of three kinds of meat. Be sure to snag the Bovine Meat for the quest’s best ending.

Gold Cup or Bust

Ready to race some chocobos and meet a familiar face from Final Fantasy 7 Remake? “Gold Cup or Bust/Billy’s Request” will require you to complete all of the Grade 3 races at the Gold Saucer and two of Grade 2’s before you can race in the Gold Cup.

During the Gold Cup race, your biggest opponent will be Joe, riding Hyperion. He’s fast, but hopefully you’ll get lucky like me and he’ll get stuck on a fence for the whole race. Sorry, Joe.

Body Builders in a Bind

Like Remake, Rebirth has a gym! And you’ll need to help them out. This quest will improve your affinity with Tifa and will unlock the Crunch Off mini-game. This is otherwise a pretty straightforward “go-kill-some-monsters” quest.

My White-Haired Angel

“My White-Haired Angel” shines a bit of light into Tifa’s childhood. It’s a cute quest that involves some piano playing. You’ll also have to escort some cats home and keep them safe from monsters.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Tifa’s best dialogue options

During various points in the main quest, you’ll be hit with some dialogue options which will influence your affinity with different characters. For Tifa, you’ll want to select the following dialogue options:

Chapter 2, Kalm
Prompt: This tank remind you of anything?
Correct answer: The place I made that promise to you.

Chapter 4, Junon
Prompt: Do you remember someone named Emilio?
Correct answer: Only person from the village I remember is you.

Chapter 6, Costa del Sol
Prompt: Feels like it’s been ages since Seventh Heaven.
Correct answer: A lot’s happened since then.

Chapter 9, Gongaga
Prompt: What sort of food would you go for?
Correct answer: Gotta go with pot roast.

Chapter 10, Cosmo Canyon
Prompt: Did I sound as awkward as I felt?
Correct answer: You did good.

Chapter 11, Nibelheim
Prompt: It was taking a toll, and then you showed up.
Correct answer: Have I helped you get through it all?

Essential story moments for Tifa

Not only will you need to say the right things and spend time with the gal via side-quests, but certain story moments will require specific actions.

The Junon Parade

During Chapter 4, you’ll need to get the highest score during the parade march. We detail how to assemble all the Seventh Infantry members and sort them correctly in our guide here.

This activity also raises your affinity with Aerith.

Matching beach outfits

During Chapter 6, you need to match your outfit with Tifa in order to raise your affinity with her (you can do so with Aerith if you’re looking to raise your affinity with her, but not both on a single playthrough).

Here are the matching outfits:

Cloud: Wild Surf > Tifa: Shining Spirit
Cloud: Ocean Chocobo > Tifa: Majestic Glamour

Synergy Skills and Abilities

Combat also factors into relationship level. Unlock and use the following Synergy Skills and Abilities with both Cloud and Tifa in their folios to raise your affinity with her even more:

Synergy Skills:

  • Heavenly Ascent (also useable with Aerith, Yuffie, and Cait Sith)
  • Slip and Slide (also useable with Aerith, Yuffie, and Cait Sith)
  • Soaring Flurry (also useable with Red XIII)

Synergy Abilities:

  • Relentless Rush
  • Synchro Cyclone

See our guide on Synergy Skills and Abilities if these mechanics have you confused.

Date night with Tifa leads to a pretty gentle and sweet outcome for our hometown couple. And you know, while I’m still Team Clerith…I’m starting to come around to our punchy childhood friend.

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