GTA V Trevor Actor Says He Shot Scenes For DLC Before It Was Scrapped

GTA V Trevor Actor Says He Shot Scenes For DLC Before It Was Scrapped

We previously learned that Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar’s neverending success story that has outsold entire franchises on its own, once had several pieces of single-player DLC in the works. According to previous reports, the studio scrapped planned story mode add-ons in favour of focusing on the money-printing Grand Theft Auto Online. But from the sound of it, an expansion based on Trevor, the more eccentric character in GTAV’s playable trio, was further along than we might have realized.

During a recent Grand Theft Auto V reunion Q&A stream, Steven Ogg, who provided both voice and motion capture for Trevor in the original 2013 game, gave some details about the cancelled Agent Trevor DLC that never came to be. It turns out he also did a bit of motion capture shooting for the add-on before it was scrapped and was able to provide some details on what the DLC would have been (thanks, The Loadout). As the name suggests, it would have followed Trevor as he pivoted from street criminal to secret agent.

“Trevor was gonna be undercover; he works for the feds,” Ogg said. “And we did shoot some of that stuff with ‘James Bond Trevor.’ He’s still kind of a fuck up, but he’s doing his best to pretend […] We shot some stuff, and then it just disappeared and never did it [sic], and they never followed up on it.”

Ned Luke, who did the voice and motion capture for Michael, one of the other playable characters in GTA V, said the plan was to have story DLC for all three of the game’s protagonists, but says Online’s success prompted Rockstar to pivot its plans. You can catch the whole stream archived on Luke’s YouTube channel below:


Ned Luke

While Grand Theft Auto V DLC may be in the rearview mirror, Rockstar is gearing up for Grand Theft Auto VI, which is set to launch in 2025. However, Kotaku reported in March that development has fallen behind schedule, and the game may slip into 2026.

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