How To Rank Up Your Fortnite Festival Pass Without Actually Playing

How To Rank Up Your Fortnite Festival Pass Without Actually Playing

In February, Fortnite Festival season 2 launched and added Lady Gaga songs and the singer herself to the popular online game. It also added a new mini-battle pass known as the Festival Pass that rewards players with new music and—if you earn enough points—a Lady Gaga skin. If you want that skin and all the other rewards without actually playing Festival’s rhythm game, I’ve got an easy method to help you out.

Fortnite Festival—developed by Rock Band studio Harmonix—is a controller-based rhythm game where players hit notes on a moving track in time with a song. You can play alone, with randos, or with friends. It’s a lot of fun! But that’s just the main mode. Like last season, Festival also features a separate game mode known as the “Jam Stage.” In this mode you and other players hang out while you mix and match tracks, creating weird but sometimes catchy new songs. And it’s here where you can earn a ton of Festival Pass points quickly.

Use Jam Stage to quickly level up your Festival Pass

Every day there are new four daily quests to complete in Jam Stage. These are very easy as “playing” Jam Stage just amounts to picking a stage and emoting. There is no timing or tracks to complete. Each of the daily quests requires you to play a specific instrument track of any song for five minutes. So you’ll need to play bass for five minutes, drums, etc etc.

Screenshot: Epic Games / Fandom / Kotaku

This will take you about 20 minutes, though don’t just walk away as Epic has added some anti-AFK measures to Jam Stage, forcing you to occasionally switch songs to keep earning progress on daily quests.

Each daily quest earns you 100 points. That means every day, if you play Jam Stage for 20 minutes, you can earn 400 Festival Pass points. There is also a new weekly Jam Stage quest each week that asks you to complete seven of these daily quests. Doing so will earn you an additional 465 points.

This means that each week, assuming you do all your dailies and the weekly quest, you can walk away with 3,265 points. To max out the Festival Pass in Fortnite, you need to earn 11,000 points. So you roughly need to do this every week for 3.5 weeks.

Screenshot: Epic Games

Keep in mind this Festival season ends on April 22. So depending on when you see this guide, you might not have enough time to just rely on Jam Stage quests.

Still, earning 400 points every day can help you minimize how many songs and Main Stage quests you’ll need to complete to max out the pass and earn your Gaga skin.

Why max out the pass without playing Fortnite Festival?

Oh and if you have made it this far, you might be wondering: Why would someone want to max out the Fortnite Festival pass without playing the controller-based rhythm game developed by Harmonix? Well, there are a few possibilities.

One Kotaku staffer is a big Lady Gaga fan, likes playing Fortnite battle royale, and wants all the Gaga-themed content but doesn’t like Festival’s gameplay at all. So they used this method to get all the rewards relatively quickly with no fuss. Some players who enjoy Festival and its Rock Band-like gameplay might not have much time to dedicate to grinding out the levels.

The world’s a big place and sometimes people want things without having to play. And hopefully, this guide helps.

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