Popular Streamer xQc Gets Banned From DayZ Server

Popular Streamer xQc Gets Banned From DayZ Server

Controversial Kick streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has found himself not welcomed in the DayZ community. An admin in one of the multiplayer zombie survival game’s popular servers recently banned him, with his status as a streamer seeming the likely reason.

During a March 31 broadcast on Twitch competitor Kick, where he now streams exclusively thanks to a $US100 million deal, xQc was noodling around a DayZ server with some friends. He was roleplaying a survivor, snatching gear and voicing deaths whenever he got taken out by rival players or fearsome zombies. Throughout his roughly two-hour play session, he got booted a few times, primarily because the servers he landed into closed after a while. However, after some time in the DayOne Chernarus 1PP server, a popular room for players to live out a more hardcore DayZ experience, xQc was swiftly kicked from the game and banned from that particular server. The pop-up message from the admin simply read, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

“Bro, bro, bro, kick by admin. Banned. It says, ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’ What did I do?” xQc questioned. “Bro, I’m playing the video game. Brother, brother. I was roleplaying. I didn’t do anything. Brother, I literally hid the fucking server. I did everything to make everybody nice. Dude, I was just trying to play on the server called fucking DayOne Chernarus 1PP No Bases|Adventure, dude. I was just trying to play [the game.] What the fuck? Like, what the heckington, dude? Christ.”

According to Dexerto, Greekgodx, one of the people xQc was playing DayZ with on March 31, said the popular Kick creator got banned because he’s a streamer. Of course, there’s no real evidence to suggest this was the reason; however, big names can attract unwanted attention, and xQc’s reputation for online conduct isn’t exactly spotless, as he was banned on Twitch in November 2020 for stream-sniping in Fall Guys. It’s possible that players in the server feared he’d do something similar while playing the game. In any case, xQc leaked the server’s address to his thousands of viewers in a retaliatory response to the DayZ ban before moving on to other games. As Dexerto reported, xQc is still banned from the DayOne Chernarus 1PP server.

Kotaku has reached out to Bohemia Interactive and xQc for comment.

xQc has often been the center of conflict and controversy, having famously gambled away millions of dollars a few years back, and more recently reacted to YouTube videos of the carnage in Gaza, which drew heavy criticism. Compared to that, a ban from a DayZ server seems downright quaint.

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