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When Google released the Pixel last year, it was taking a stand. No longer would Google hardware be tainted with the brands and logos of other companies, even if behind the scenes, Google still needed help from those same companies to actually build its phones.

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Overnight, Huawei has announced two new phones that it thinks will beat out all comers. The new Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro take on the best of Apple and Samsung and Google with the brightest camera lenses ever, Huawei's slickest design and some brand new hardware and software inside. Here's how much they'll cost, and when you can get them in Australia.


Not every Digimon game needs to be an epic role-playing game with super-deep breeding mechanics. Sometimes a person just wants to raise some digital monsters on a virtual farm for some basic turn-based battles. Digimon Links, released this week for iOS and Android, is exactly that.


Vlaada Chvatil is a bit of a legend in board games, having made Codenames, Mage Knight and Galaxy Truckers. And recently, one of his earlier hits got released on mobile: Through The Ages. It's basically a Civilization inspired card game, and it's been keeping me up all week.