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I only bought the PS4 Pro because Sony told me to. Sure, I knew what 4K was, and I could spell HDR, but that was about it. My TV at the time was still merely “full” HD (a descriptor I’d since learn to be a vicious lie) and I always figured 30fps was about the best a console scrub could hope for.

So what exactly was the PS4 Pro for then? It wasn’t clear. It’s what was next. So I bought it.


Some weeks you have plenty of gems and then other weeks are as quiet as a mouse. This one's definitely the latter. After Resident Evil 7 last week, the most we've got to look forward to is some re-releases, new bundles, JRPGs getting ported to PC, and the odd adventure.


Like most Brits, I have a deep and abiding love of David Attenborough's nature documentaries that stretches back to my earliest memories of watching lions and tigers padding around the savannah on TV with my family. More recently, the Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and Life series have provided a quiet backdrop to everything from uneventful days working at home to weed-smoke-wreathed student parties. I find deep tranquillity in both Attenborough's voice and my own enduring wonder at the creatures that live on Earth.


The ocean can be a difficult setting for games. Some, like SOMA or Depth, embrace the horror of the unexplored, while others, like Subnautica, emphasise the survival aspects of being underwater. But Abzu, Giant Squid's new game for the PC and PS4, frames the ocean's unknown depths as a place of life, beauty and discovery.