Abzu Looks Like Journey, But Underwater. Neat.

And that's not too surprising, given that some of the developers on Giant Squid games — the developers behind the intriguing looking Abzu — also worked on Journey. It shows.

Abzu looks like it will be a gorgeous, contemplative game that focuses on marine life/water experiences.


    Was a port of journey mentioned for Playstation 4?

      I was hoping for that, too :( Already got Flow and Flower... just need Journey now to complete the set.

      (on PS4, that is - already got all 3 on PS3)

      Last edited 10/06/14 2:51 pm

    Even though this trailer didn't grab me too much, if it turns out anything close to what Journey was, I'll definitely be playing it. Journey was beautiful.

    For me, this was like Journey: The Nightmare. Most underwater levels scare the crap out of me and this trailer alone was already making me feel anxious. It looks like a lovely, nice game though.

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