Abzu Looks Like Journey, But Underwater. Neat.

And that’s not too surprising, given that some of the developers on Giant Squid games — the developers behind the intriguing looking Abzu — also worked on Journey. It shows.

Abzu looks like it will be a gorgeous, contemplative game that focuses on marine life/water experiences.


    • I was hoping for that, too 🙁 Already got Flow and Flower… just need Journey now to complete the set.

      (on PS4, that is – already got all 3 on PS3)

  • Even though this trailer didn’t grab me too much, if it turns out anything close to what Journey was, I’ll definitely be playing it. Journey was beautiful.

  • For me, this was like Journey: The Nightmare. Most underwater levels scare the crap out of me and this trailer alone was already making me feel anxious. It looks like a lovely, nice game though.

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