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The update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf has added a range of new Nintendo themed Fortune Cookie prizes, including a Wii U. While game consoles have been present as items in Animal Crossing since the 2001 Gamecube release, the wording on the fortune that nets you a Wii U is pointed, to say the least.


Screw municipal management. Nothing matters in Animal Crossing as much as what you're wearing. So it's exciting that there's a new top Legend of Zelda-themed top coming to New Leaf today. Starting today, you can grab the top by scanning the QR Code you see right here.


On the third floor of Nintendo's US headquarters, next to the conference rooms named after Mario and Donkey Kong, there's a door that you can't open. There's no boss key or warp pipe here — unless you're one of the handful of people with a high-security keycard, you're not getting in.


Available today for the Wii U as a free download, Animal Crossing Plaza is a community hub for the popular 3DS town sim, packed with special features to help fans share their AC experience on the big screen. Coinciding with the launch of the Wii U Animal Crossing: New Leaf community, the plaza is a place your Mii can go to keep track of game news, stay up-to-date with special in-game calendar events, and share their sketches, screenshots, and custom clothing designs with the rest of the world. Players will be able to upload their 3DS shots and custom creations via SD card, organising them into albums. QR codes for player-created content can be scanned directly off the screen.


Oh you beautiful green light, how I've missed you. During the chaos of Comic Con 2013 preview night, I nearly didn't remember to turn on my 3DS to reap the bounty of a large gathering of video game-friend geeks. I was on my last half hour on the show floor when I finally pulled my XL out of my backpack and flipped it on.


Come on and slam! In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, our actions and the reactions of the animal citizens can trigger some pretty terrific dialogue. Managing our town wouldn't be the same without these characters and their rather interesting personalities.


I don't get Animal Crossing. My first Animal Crossing experience was on the original DS. Based on reviews, it was one of the first games I picked up for the console and I just literally felt as though I had no idea what I was doing, or even what I was supposed to be doing.