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The Steam Link is a nice way to play PC games when you aren't at your computer. Usually people set it up in their living room to so they can play on a TV while sitting on the couch, but the device can be turned into a nifty arcade machine as well.


Fewer and fewer new releases find their way into arcades these days. Even the latest version of Street Fighter, a series synonymous with the scene, ended up forgoing an official arcade cabinet having settled instead solely on the virtual arena of online multiplayer. Fortunately, there are still people trying to preserve the feeling of local co-op with new machines.


Mark Kleback knows that, when gamers think of arcades, they think of '80s nostalgia titles like Pac-man and Q*bert. He's been there -- from his Brooklyn workshop, Kleback told Kotaku that he still fondly remembers hours spent railing on his local roller rink's X-Men cabinet.