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There’s a certain trick that smart game designers use to mess with their players. You’ll finish a level, all satisfied and cocky about it, and then the next stage will look exactly the same, with a twist.

Maybe it’s missing the crate that was the lynchpin of your first strategy, or maybe there’s an extra enemy blocking the path. “Ha, you thought you were better than me,” declares the game. “You are not.” Baba Is You is the master of this design trick.


Baba Is You is a puzzle game for Switch and PC. You start by playing as Baba, a rabbit-like creature who can push blocks of words around to change a level’s rules. Soon, though, you’ll be playing as keys, rocks, flags, lava, or any other object you can become or manipulate by rearranging the words that describe it.


Baba is You is a deviously clever puzzle game that makes use of, and let's players manipulate, simple phrases that define the game's rules.

Baba is You. Flag is win.