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Earlier this week Bill Morrow blamed gamers for congesting NBN's fixed wireless network, and though a correction has been issued retracting this statement, there still seems to be a belief that gamers are among the NBN's 'heavy users'. So how does gaming's data use actually stack up to things like streaming video?


Following a solid round of criticism over the last 24 hours over comments at a parliamentary hearing in Sydney, NBN Co has issued a statement: NBN chief executive, Bill Morrow, didn't blame gamers for congestion on the fixed wireless network at all.

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The latest blog post from NBN outlines a number of reasons why comparing the broadband rollouts of Australia and New Zealand is like comparing apples and oranges. To make his point, NBN CEO Bill Morrow finds an orange.

Comparisons between Australia and New Zealand are natural -- both countries think they invented the pavlova and neither wants to claim ownership of Russell Crowe. In this morning's post, Morrow tries to explain why we didn't do things the way the Kiwis did.