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Banjo Guy Ollie's quest to cover video game's greatest music has only just now reached the "Still Alive" stage, but then his choice of instrument isn't exactly cutting-edge. Don't worry, he's got a whole bunch of video game music under his banjo strap.


Despite the best efforts of publishers and their art teams (or clients), a video game collection can rarely look as impressive as a good stack of books. Which is why, if you're concerned about that sort of thing, it's a good idea to print off your own custom covers, which often look waaaaaay better than the real deal.


What you're looking at is half of the sixteen covers that will be shared out among Issue 73 of Games TM Magazine. That's right, Games created a cover for each of the playable Street Fighter IV characters. Imagine Publishing thinks it may be the biggest split run ever done on a games magazine. I hope they reprint all of the covers as a poster.

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