Massive Smash Bros. Fan Album Adds 27 New ‘Final Smash’ Tracks

Massive Smash Bros. Fan Album Adds 27 New ‘Final Smash’ Tracks

Earlier this year I told you about Harmony of Heroes, a massive free fan musical celebration of the Smash Bros. franchise spanning some 101 original tracks. Apparently that wasn’t enough music, so the team has released a 27-track expansion pack, Final Smash.

Originally planned as a 12 song add-on tribute featuring songs inspired by Super Smash Bros. 3DS, the team behind the set pushed the release date from November to December in order to expand the track list to include Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

The new tracks are pretty amazing, spanning a wide variety of genres and filling in some of the gaps in the original release, including a much-requested Sonic the Hedgehog jam.

The Final Smash expansion can be downloaded directly from the album website (as can the original album) for free in both MP3 and lossless formats, though it might be a bit easier on their servers if you went with the MP3 or M4A torrents instead.


  • Awesome! Just picked up SSB Wii U yesterday, so this is perfect timing. Listening to it now – it’s pretty great so far!!! 🙂

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