• The PS5’s DualSense Is The Perfect Canvas

    The PS5’s DualSense Is The Perfect Canvas

    One of my first thoughts upon seeing the futuristic armoured look of the PlayStation 5’s Dualsense controller was, “Man, I bet that’s going to look awesome with a custom paint job.” Indulging my pink and black obsession, the painting pros at Colorware have confirmed my hypothesis.

  • Handmade Gaming Dice Kickstarter Raises $2 Million In A Day

    Up until the moment she launched the Kickstarter campaign yesterday, Dispel Dice creator Karen Wang was worried that no one would want her handcrafted, sharp-edged, custom gaming dice. A day later, more than 12,000 backers have pledged over $US1.5 ($2) million toward her dazzling gemlike creations. Turns out people like shiny, pretty things. A lot.