Diablo 2

Illness Cost This Woman A Job. Now She Streams Diablo 2 From A Farm

“My mum always likes to say that I was hatched,” Diablo 2 streamer Alara Shade laughed. We were sitting in her streaming headquarters, a totem-filled temple to the 2001 dark fantasy role-playing game. The walls were decked with flaming skulls, glistening black swords and figurines of sub-human beasts. Outside her…

Guy Speedruns Diablo II Without Attacking Anything

Perhaps my favourite thing about the speedrunning community is how often they find clever, ridiculous ways to play games. Take Diablo II. Instead of simply doing a quick run through Blizzard’s iconic action game, a man going by the handle DrCliche decided to blaze through the game without attacking anything….

Diablo’s Tristram Etched In Wood

Diablo’s Tristram Etched In Wood

Graphic designer Alex Griendling teamed up with Neutral Ground and created a unique, laser-etched, 46cm wide and 36cm tall wood map of Diablo‘s most iconic town, Tristram.