The Diablo 2 Remaster Isn’t Just Hitting The PC, But The Xbox, Switch And PS5 Too

The Diablo 2 Remaster Isn’t Just Hitting The PC, But The Xbox, Switch And PS5 Too
Image: Blizzard

Fans have been screaming at Blizzard to remaster Diablo 2 for an age. This year, it’s finally happening — and as an added bonus, you’ll be able to get that classic Diablo 2 experience on your PS5, Xbox Series X, and the Switch.

Diablo 2 Resurrected, which is being built by the same team behind the Tony Hawk Pro Skater remasters, was formally announced this morning at BlizzConline. There wasn’t an official release date beyond 2021, although Blizzard did announce that players could sign up for a PC alpha test through the Diablo 2 website.

A big change is that Diablo 2 will be coming to consoles for the first time, with “cross-progression” between platforms via Kotaku Australia was told during an embargoed interview that cross-play won’t be supported, but cross-generational play — PS4 and PS5 users, or Xbox One and Xbox Series X users — will be.

Robert Gallerani and Rod Fergusson both explained that Diablo 2 Resurrected would exist as a standalone product to Diablo 2, avoiding the problems and subsequent backlash that plagued Warcraft 3: Reforged.

“One of the early [lessons] was that the original game is there for those players who want it,” Fergusson said. “That was one of the first decisions we made going into this; we weren’t going to replace [Diablo 2] original. D2 original is going to live on, and Diablo 2: Resurrected is going to be a separate game.”

A key benefit of this approach is that it’ll ensure that existing Diablo 2 mods and total conversions will still work, while newer players will have the benefits of’s more modern backend, including its updated anti-cheat protections. “We love the mod community and we love what they’ve done in the 20 years since. The mod community is what’s keeping Diablo 2 vibrant today,” Fergusson said.

“But some of those mods are quite invasive to the game, and can cause those situations [like] hacking, cheating, bots or exploits. And one of the things we want to do is have a place where we could have a safer, a more secure ecosystem with modern on [Diablo 2 Resurrected]. But if there was a mod that somebody truly loved, we didn’t want that taken away from there. So we left it, it still works with D2 original. If you still want that experience, that experience is there for you.”

To accompany the official reveal, Blizzard also released a string of assets showcasing the updated textures, ultrawide support, effects and more. Those with 21:9 monitors will be real proud — Diablo 2 looks very nice when you’ve got that extra real estate for your inventory tetris.

All seven classes from the original Diablo 2, and the Lords of Destruction expansion, will come with Resurrected at launch. Fergusson and Gallerani, however, stressed that Resurrected would have mod support of its own, but it won’t support “the same types of mods” you can access today.

“We’re not going to have — like when you open the game, there won’t be a tab that says ‘Load your mods now’,” Gallerani explained. “We’re cleaning up the data, making it easier to understand how things work, but we’re not creating mod tools or a mod browser for [Resurrected],” he said.

Resurrected will have a string of quality-of-life changes outside of that — shared stashes are a major inclusion, easier item comparisons, item linking in chat, easier drop-in, drop-out invites for multiplayer and the ability to toggle auto gold collection. But principally, Diablo 2 Resurrected will be the same Diablo 2 experience. (And like other remasters, including StarCraft and Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection, players will be able to hit a button and toggle between the classic visuals and the modern style.)

And being on consoles doesn’t mean the classic Diablo 2 experience is being rewritten for that sphere. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls famously added a dodge roll. That isn’t being added into the console versions of Diablo 2 Resurrected, partially because the developers felt it was already easier to dodge incoming attacks on a controller.

“We don’t want to change what is core to Diablo 2, but we do want to get more people to appreciate it,” Gallerani said. “When you look at Diablo 3 and the differences between PC and console, there’s a handful of different mechanics, different balance. Because we have cross-progression, we really need to stay within a lot of confines.”

“In addition, certain changes would make it not Diablo 2 anymore. So doing something like, OK, you’re not going to have inventory tetris, you’re going to have a list of items. Regardless of the fact of how you would play on your console and then bring it back over to PC and see what state it was in, it just didn’t feel like Diablo 2 anymore. So under the hood, it’s still Diablo 2 — it’s still the original game, you’re on console on PC. You can use the controller on console or PC if you like. So that’s where a lot of our effort was done, still playing the same game but now you just get more options of how you play.”

Blizzard stressed that all of Diablo 2‘s cinematics — around 27 minutes — have been rebuilt from scratch. Some of the original 3D art assets were also rebuilt from the ground up, with Gallerani explaining that some of the original files had been lost over time.

The studio worked on what Gallerani called a “70/30 rule”. “70 per cent of the look and feel had to be dead on nostalgia, exactly what you remember. But 30 per cent is a more modern take, more flourish, more fidelity, things like that,” Gallerani said.

We’ll have more on Diablo 2 Resurrected when it’s officially released and when the PC alpha goes live sometime later this year. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t go gangbusters for Blizzard: fans have been screaming at Blizzard to remake Diablo 2 for years, and it looks like the lessons from Warcraft 3: Reforged have been well and truly learned.

If you’re interested in the Diablo 2 remake, it’s currently retailing for $69.95 on PC; no word on Switch or console pricing for now, or whether it’ll get a physical release.


  • Let’s just hope they don’t force you to override D2. That was the DUMBEST thing Bliz did with the WC3Re, because not only did they fuck WC3Re, they made it so no one could PLAY the older WC3 why they wait for Re to be fixed.

  • It’s clear a lot more effort and developer time have gone into this than just upscaling the textures, and work needs to be compensated, but that price….I don’t know if I can justify spending that on what is essentially a 20 year old game that I played the hell out of when I was younger. If there was actual new content, or it was cheaper, I’d probably be all over it, but I don’t think it’s worth the asking price just for the nostalgia trip.

  • Please. I beg of you.
    Don’t fuck this up. I need this to be good.

    They’ve already added rifts, a system I did not enjoy from D3 but I guess you need something for the people not content in running Hell difficulty to get to 99.

    • Let me explain this comment. They haven’t added rifts.

      On the shop, if you click the “Prime Evil” package, it includes a few paragraphs about the bundle that mentions Diablo 3 + expansion content. The way the layout of the page is done though, it’s not explicit that it’s talking about Diablo 3 there, plus the lack of clear headlines doesn’t help.

      Thankfully (for me) Resurrected is a clear cut remaster. Outside of a few quality of life changes it’s going to be identical to the original game, and that’s wonderful.

  • It’s the Tony Hawks team, so from their prior projects it should at least on average be a shitload nicer than Reforged. I hope that this is done as well as Tony Hawks and when they’re done hopefully they can go back and fix Reforged (since the old team was dissolved). I can dream.

  • this is looking more like SC remaster then a WC3 reforged which honestly is terrific news

    that said paying a full 70 bucks for it seems to be an ask

    • SCR IMO should have been a patch, with the remaster done in SC2. It makes it awwkward as you have MR being essentially a better remaster than SCR.

    • Too right how dare they want to make profits, pay their staff and while trying to give old players and whole new generations a ‘new’ experience.

  • Unless they rebalance Jabazon to being how she was at the launch of D2, unlike when they nerfed the class into the ground and made it useless so they could elevate their pet classes to be the ‘proper’ way to play D2 (an attitude that would go on to be familiar to WoW players) then not really interested. You could tell the classes that the Devs played and liked, like how ungodly powerful they made the Barbarian and just kept buffing it when there was no need.

  • I’m glad it’s coming to consoles. I played D1 on the ps1 back in the day, before getting into PC.

    Now I’m just a console man again, gimme all the games on PS5 kthx

  • Was wondering if they were going to play the money farming mechanic again (ie real world $$$ grab). They’ve put up WoW pricing, farmed money from online account sales/game unlocks, over charge for what is making thier own games ported/portable to modern tech and of course this shows money grab again for the third year that has been pretty much useless as far as information goes (and is obviously also farming money for online unlocks/collectors). I remember playing original warcraft off a magazine back in the day and just loved it, have bought every Blizzard game since. But this money grabbing stuff they’re comeing up with (and it’s more related to general gaming as well), really make me want to make gaming de-exist. Shame on you all.

  • Disappointed there’s no Mac support after 3 supported the platform, although I’m not surprised since Overwatch never hit the OS. Won’t hold my breath for Diablo 4 either.

    Xbox it is then.

      • My Macs a 2019 16” rather than an M1 Mac. Also Rosetta would require them to have a Mac build as Rosetta is for making x86 Mac apps run on an M1 ARM chip. It doesn’t make Windows apps run on Mac.

        I do have the option on my 16” Mac of using Bootcamp, but don’t currently do so as I’m not especially fond of dual booting. I’ll probably see how it runs in a VM given Blizzard software generally scales well, but the fall back will more likely be my Series X or a Switch copy.

        • Windows 10 also has a problem of eating partitions during its updates as well (least it did when I was running a Linux partition with it), which is why I’ve never put it on my Macbook Pro. Scarred for life.

  • At least they learned from the WC3:R mistakes in accomplishing the bare fucking minimum of not taking away peoples’ ability to play the untouched original.

    It’s a really low bar for improvement, but at least they’ve cleared it.

    That’s a ball-buster of a price, though. Might just give that a wait-and-see for a few more years, holding out for a price-drop or sale.

    • Short of buying this from a game store in a few years, don’t expect it to ever go on sale via Blizzard’s store.

      • Oh god no, I think I’ve only ever seen two sales in the entire history of closing the launcher on start-up.

  • I’ve only played 3, so it’s a new game to me and it doesn’t matter how old a game is good is good (like when I played System Shock 2 in 2015), even so full price does seem a bit much. I definitely do want to play it though.

  • Am I excited for this? Oh heck yes.
    Do I think this is looking good? Absolutely.
    Do I think this is too expensive? Also yes.
    Am I still going to pay it and play the crap out of it?……yes.

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