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Nobody asked for this, but UFC President Dana White has been added a playable fighter to EA UFC 3. And since White is a cantankerous braggart who spouts obvious untruths on a regular basis, it's fitting that his in-game stats do not even remotely resemble his capabilities in real life. At least he's a free download?


Everyone, meet my fictional UFC fighter, Eldest Diaz. Secret brother of reluctant UFC stars Nick and Nate Diaz and distant relative of my custom character from EA UFC 2, he was a graphic designer for most of his life before taking up fighting at age 44.

Against all odds, he's now on track to dethrone Conor McGregor, avenge his brother's loss, and become the lightweight champion of the world. He's easily the most entertaining thing about EA UFC 3's career mode.


Playing as UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson, I walk down Conor McGregor and chop away at his resolve (and face) with a blender of punches and elbows. He tries to move off the fence, but ends up walking right into a cracking blow. He's practically out on his feet. Then I knock him unconscious with... a kick to the leg.