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One community of Red Dead Redemption players is determined to find every secret, ghost, strange sound, Easter egg and more. They don’t just want to find them though, they are also working to record them all and maybe connect them to other mysteries and even other Rockstar published games. This is the wild world of the Red Dead Mysteries fan community.


Plenty of games contain Easter eggs that reference other games. For example, literally every game released since 2012 has included a Dark Souls bonfire in an obscure corner of at least one map. Rare, however, is the Easter egg that straight up transforms a game into the thing it’s referencing. Just Cause 4 has gone the extra mile.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is dedicated to making you feel like you are living in a realistic Old West. But, like previous Rockstar games, if you look in the right place or visit a location at a certain time, you might find something weird and even paranormal. Bigfoot was included in the first Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare DLC, UFOs appear in GTA V and other Rockstar games have long had myths about aliens, zombies and more.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is no different. Players are finding all sorts of strange things around the massive map.


Quantic Dream's is full of secrets, lore and new scenes to be unlocked throughout multiple playthroughs, but one particular set of messages took fans almost two months to discover and decipher. The bite-sized messages are full of pop culture references, notes from the dev team and weird snatches of code chronicling features of the game itself. Here's what's been found.


SOMA players have discovered - and solved - something weird. If you shove a plastic toy into the toilet and flush, a set of numbers appear on the screen. If you find enough of these numbers and use them as the password for a file called _supersecrets.rar in SOMA's installation directory, you'll find something special.