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There’s a place in the Western part of Fallout 76’s Appalachia where the cargo drones like to gather. If you stand outside the Mothman Museum you can see them just overhead, hovering in the sky overtop an unreachable portion of the map. Sometimes it’s just a handful; other times it can be over a dozen, circling ominously. It might be a weird glitch, or it could be a clue to some deeper conspiracy afoot in 22nd century West Virginia.

In a game like Fallout 76 it’s hard to tell, which is part of the allure, especially for secret-hunting players.

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In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, C-3PO lays this self-deprecating confession on Luke Skywalker: “I’m not so good at telling stories.” Yet, two films later, he’s literally telling the story of Star Wars to a bunch of Ewoks. C-3PO might seem like a bumbling idiot, but in this video we show why he’s actually Star Wars’ greatest puppet master.