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For the past few years, McDonald's Australia has been inviting customers to grill the company about its products on the Our Food Your Questions website. No question is off-limits, including whether Quarter Pounders have shrunk in size (they have) and whether McMuffins use free-range eggs (they don't). While this was obviously a PR stunt designed to engage customers and their wallets, the amount of transparency still surprised us. Here are 15 of the most revealing -- and weirdest -- responses from the campaign so far.

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The major benefit of ordering pizza is that you’re taking care of dinner AND the next day’s breakfast (and lunch, if you can stretch it). Pizza is one of those magical products that can taste better on the second day – provided you know exactly what you're trying to achieve. Here’s how to get the best results when reheating pizza.


Alright let's take The Big Question out of the realm of video games. Let's take things to the fast food burger realm. It is a good realm to be in. But say you have to choose between McDonald's and Hungry Jack's, which do you choose and why?