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It’s been a weird year for Samsung. While the South Korean giant managed to hold onto the top spot for global smartphone sales, many of its Chinese rivals started closing the gap with Huawei CEO Richard Yu going so far as to say that Huawei could steal the number one spot by as early as 2019.

But the bigger issue is that as good as Samsung’s phones were in 2018, so many of its products were overshadowed by things that won’t be available until halfway through next year, assuming you can even afford them.

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With the Galaxy S9 just over a week away, Samsung have vaulted to the top of New Phone pile and asking consumers to again decide who gets their bucks in the smartphone future. The S9 is a step up from the S8, but how does it stack up with Apple's iPhone X?

It's Apple vs Samsung, flagship vs flagship, who comes out on top?

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With Mobile World Congress coming up at the end of the month, the smartphone world is ramping up to peak hype in preparation for the Samsung Galaxy S9's expected debut there on February 25th. The rumours are flying so we scoured the net and gathered up the most credible leaks and rumours to give you the best idea of what Samsung will announce in just a couple of weeks.