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The Alt.Ctrl.GDC exhibit at Game Developers Conference shows off a selection of games that use wild, weird, sometimes gigantic control schemes. Nathan Grayson and I took a tour of the booth last week, which all culminated in me getting inside an actual coffin. Well, an IKEA dresser on its side painted black. But still.


Recently, in a small room inside the massive Moscone Center meeting complex, roughly 200 people crowded around a large table to conduct a challenging conversation about working in the video game industry. There was a single microphone, chauffeured from person to person by a sprinting staffer working the Game Developers Conference, which is running in San Francisco. Most people began talking before the mic got to them. Raucous banging, presumably from construction nearby, drowned out many attendees' comments.


The puzzles in The Room series are equal parts captivating and haunting, but they have just one problem: you can't use them to kill anybody after you've solved them. The Bard's Tale IV takes its inspiration from The Room, but with weapons instead of rooms.