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Never give a creator a gift they could have made themselves. Instead, try giving something that will enable their bad habit for craft. Here are seven gifts for people who just can't help but create things.


Gamers can be a particular lot, especially the brand that swears by their RGB towers of Mordor. Fortunately, there's plenty of trinkets and tools you can pick up this Christmas that will satisfy even the most ardent of PC gamers.

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Christmas is almost upon us. And for gamers, that means an opportunity (usually) to sit down and work through some of the year's bigger titles - or maybe a chance to upgrade your hardware and enjoy old favourites. And that means there's plenty of potential gifts for the gaming friend, family member or partner in your life.


Shopping for the anime-curious? Need a quick, but special, gift for your friend who finds the whole "anime" thing confusing and intriguing? Maybe she's seen half an episode of Cowboy Bebop and thought it was pretty sick. Or he lets out a little "squee...!" when he sees your plush collection.


The Lego lovers in your life probably aren't wanting for little plastic bricks. While adding to the pile is a quick and easy method for marking them off your gift list, why not show off your own creativity by thinking outside of the blocks?


Hopefully, there is a special someone (or at least a someone you're obligated to buy holiday gifts for) in your life that is into board games. If so, don't buy them board games! Buy them cool stuff that helps them store or organise their board games, they will like that better.

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Once again, the tireless bargain hunters at Lifehacker have trawled the depths of the internet to find you the best geeky gifts for Christmastime. Whether you're shopping for a gamer, a film buff, an avid reader or a pop culture fanatic, you're going to find plenty of gems in this epic loot guide which covers every budget. We've also included online shopping links for all 60+ products.


If you enjoy collecting gaming paraphernalia it's a glorious time to be alive. We can't remember the last time there were so many toys, clothes, books and super-cool doodads jostling for the gamer's dollar. Because we love you, we've sifted through this sea of electronica to bring you the ultimate loot guide. The following goodies range from cheap 'n' cheerful to cripplingly expensive. There are also links to where you can buy all this stuff online. It's summer: treat yourself! (Those mortgage/rent payments can wait.)