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Out of all the next-gen games I've played this year, Forza Horizon is hands down one of the best looking and best optimised. So it's nice that there's an appropriate Xbox One X bundle, but it's not the only good bundle available.


If you needed proof that 343 Industries were going to support Halo 5 in the wake of its release, look no further.

Firefight, now called Warzone Firefight, was revealed at today's Halo World Championships.

It's like Firefight, only better. I'm assuming.


Every year for the last eight years, Gamers For Giving charity has hosted a Halo tournament in the United States' Midwest. It's a tournament that runs as part of a wider LAN party designed to raise funds for Gamers Outreach, which uses video games and equipment to provide threapy and some downtime for hospitalised children.

But this year the charity LAN won't have a Halo component, and that's all thanks to Halo 5: Guardians.


The "mainstreaming of esports" is continuing, with ESPN saying this week that they will broadcast parts of the Halo Championship Tour event at the X Games in Aspen on the main network at the end of the month, while streaming it on WatchESPN. It's a move that will give the surprisingly low-profile Halo competitive scene a chance to connect with an audience on a huge network, while also giving ESPN the chance to showcase a game that its viewers can connect with.


It's introduction in Halo 3 was massively welcomed by the community, so not having Forge available at launch was a small bone of contention for many fans. But in their latest major patch, 343 Industries today confirmed that the content creator mode is back in the game -- along with a basic File Browser to boot.


The Halo series is a multi-faceted one. It's known for its multiplayer, both competitive and otherwise, but across the course of multiple games it's also rich with lore and set in a broad, well-developed universe.

Today, The Junglist takes an in-depth look into what's going on in the Halo universe in the lead up to Halo 5: Guardians.


I've been thoroughly enjoying Halo 5's arena mode.

My favourite part? Probably the new abilities and the options it creates to get hit, evade, and outsmart your opponents. To me that's always been the key to a good Halo game.

This one particular kill does an incredible job of showing that. It's insane.


Headshots are great, but Halo 5 is all about Backshots. Halo 5 is manageable when on normal or even heroic difficult. But when you crank things up to Legendary, it's a difficult ball game.

In this video, The Junglist has a few suggestions on how to best approach Halo 5: Guardians when things get tough.