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Now that my wrist has improved and I'm not wearing a brace as much, I've been spending the last few days getting to know PUBG's desert surroundings a little better. And given that part of the PUBG experience is the intensity of the final 10, it gave me a thought for this week's Tell Us Dammit.


I still remember getting the game for Christmas and just reading the manual for hours on end. It was one of those classic games where the manual was a treasure on of its own. Not because it was like Civilization 2 or Falcon 4.0, where the manual was large enough to qualify as a short novel, but because of the amount of intricate detail within.

That game was Heroes of Might and Magic 3. And, lo and behold, I woke up to the the news that the game is still getting patched.


The high-definition remaster of Heroes of Might & Magic III was released a few days ago, updating the much beloved classic for modern systems. Unfortunately, it's an average product and has copped a lambasting from fans, with a little over half of the Steam reviews being positive. There's another option though, one that's been available for a while, if you want to enjoy HoMM III in impressive detail: grab the original and apply the HD mod.