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Into the Breach depicts a conflict between human civilisation and giant alien bugs. Dialogue is scant and world building is pretty minimal. The game is primarily interested in throwing puzzles and tactical obstacles your way.

But the game's mechanics often intersect with its characterisations in interesting ways, and I wouldn't think about Into the Breach in the same way without them.


The weekend is coming up and I need to squish some bugs. Into The Breach should scratch that itch quite nicely, so I'm going to spend countless hours reversing time until I can save the world.


Since we've gotten our hands on Into The Breach over at Kotaku, we haven't been able to stop playing and talking about it. Here's a selection of our best tweets, stories, and screenshots.


For weeks I've been hearing about a game that is supposedly the shit. Literally every word I've heard has been nothing but high praise, which has been frustrating because I haven't been able to play it, and it looks precisely like everything I'd want.

That game is Into The Breach, the latest game from the makers of FTL. It's out on Wednesday, followed by a bunch of interesting indies ranging from top-down shooters to ninja simulators to indigenous adventure games and even a game about ... morse code.