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In the past, there was a tradition in the US military to paint pin-ups on aircrafts. Today, that tradition lives on in Japan. But there's an important difference: They're not cheesecake pin-ups. They're anime girls, and they're not only on aircrafts, but also recruitment posters.


In Japan, taxis are typically black. Sometimes, they're white or even yellow. Generally, people think of them as being dark-coloured and dull-looking. These taxis, however, are anything but.


"Itasha" (痛車) literally mean "painmobile", but they are Japan's sticker-covered geek cars. The decals often feature anime, manga or video game characters. "Ita" either refers to the pain inflicted on the wallets of the car owners -- or the folks who see the cars.


This past weekend, a parking lot in Tokyo's Odaiba glimmered with geek pride. This weekend saw the Ita G Festa expo. Gear-heads gathered and showed off more than their appreciation for automobiles. They showed off their appreciation of covering their cars in otaku decals.