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One of the most adored Batman adaptations in the world, Batman: The Animated Series, turns 25 today -- but while fans will remember the iconic work of Kevin Conroy as the Dark Knight and Mark Hamill as the Joker, Hamill in particular almost never had the chance to become the animated clown prince of crime: Tim Curry was the first person cast for the role.


In the nearly 80 years that he's spent terrorising Gotham City, he's gone by many different names. John Doe. Jackanapes. The Clown Prince of Crime. Puddin'. The Joker's true identity is the card he's always played closest to his chest, but it's about to be revealed in DC's upcoming Batman: White Knight.


They say given enough time and resources, Batman can defeat anybody. But let's be clear -- Batman doesn't always have the time to plan or the resources he needs, and thus Batman is hardly undefeated in his crime-fighting career. Here are 15 different DC characters, heroes and villains, who have handed the Dark Knight a few checks in his loss column.