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It's all come down to this. From thirst five robots down to two. Now Xenosaga's Kos-Mos and Knights of the Old Republic's HK-47 square off in the final round of the Kotaku Robot Wars.


The only thing better than man's best friend is a giant, robot version of man's best friend, and that's why we love Half-Life 2's Dog.


The Kotaku Robot Wars continue on the other side of the world, as Osaka Japan and Canberra Australia are reduced to steaming piles of rubble and broken robot parts... but whose broken robot parts?


While video game robots are all well and good, it takes a special sort of robot to carry a pinball game. Sure, he may bear a striking resemblance to Cobra Commander, but we love Pin*Bot.


Automata are self-operating machines, the original iteration of robots. These clockwork creations have fascinated me since I was a child. Richard Garriott, too, is fascinated with these machines, but he's got the money to back up his interest.