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The standard Nintendo Labo kits include designs such as robot arms, mini pianos and fishing rods, but some players have been able to use the raw materials to create other stuff, such as this steering wheel for a motorised wheelchair.

Over the weekend, Nintendo encouraged people to get even more creative with a contest for the most wild and ambitious creations. Yesterday, the company announced the winners.


Already destroyed the cardboard accessories from your Labo? That was fast, I'm impressed. Don't worry, Nintendo have pdf copies of all of the Labo templates on their website so you can print out new ones.


La-bow. Yes, like the opera La Bohème, just without the "eme" bit. Or a bow (the shooty kind). This is the first thing Joel, my guide, taught me at Nintendo's Labo workshop on Friday. Pitched within the Pumping Station of Melbourne's Scienceworks museum, the workshop promised to provide a close-up, visceral introduction to Nintendo's upcoming product line of cardboard contraptions. And I can say, without reservation, that I wasn't looking forward to it.


Now that we've all had a little time away from the cardboard hype train that Nintendo kicked off last week, it's time to ask you all: what do you think of the Nintendo Labo?