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Rooster Teeth’s first feature film Lazer Team holds the record for the highest funded film campaign on Indiegogo, with over $US2.4 million raised. This crowd support has enabled the internet production company to make exactly the kind of film they wanted to, free of meddling from outside sources. Unfortunately, the kind of movie they wanted to make is standard dudebro fare.

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With more than 25 million YouTube subscribers, Rooster Teeth have been making online content since it was possible to -- and keeping generations of online audiences engaged over a 13 year period is no easy feat. Now the studio is on the cusp of something very new and very big: premiering a crowdfunded, original content feature film in cinemas globally, including 70 in Australia.

Gizmodo Australia spoke with Rooster Teeth creator Burnie Burns about Lazer Team, crowd-supported projects and bridging the gap between online and offline audiences.