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Mafia III's perspective on racial tensions in the United States is something rarely seen in games. Accordingly, some reviewers have argued that the actual gameplay of Mafia III wasn't nearly as innovative as the narrative. While I agree that Mafia III's narrative takes more risks than the gameplay, the two function as a whole. The open-world setting made Mafia III's story more compelling by working against each other. Where the gameplay provided endless freedom, the game's story denounced it.


Open-world games benefit massively from thriving mod scenes, and while Mafia 3 is no Grand Theft Auto 5, it's seen a trickle of mods since launch. Here are a handful of good ones.


Mafia III takes hours to really get going. Sometimes it's a predictable, janky slog. Once it finds its groove, though, it's an open-world crime game unlike any other. It's a bold depiction of a difficult time and place -- a portrait of New Orleans in the late 1960s, racism and ugliness included.