Mark Cerny

Knack 2 Is Actually Pretty Good

Knack 2 Is Actually Pretty Good

Words I didn’t expect to type in 2017: I really like the new Knack. So much for the running joke that this PlayStation 4 exclusive is a sequel that no one wanted. Good thing we got it.

Watch Two Sony Execs Talk About The Future Of PlayStation

Nothing like listening to a couple of original gamers reminisce and talk shop. Andrew House and Mark Cerny, two key players at Sony who helped bring the PS4 into existence with their respective expertise, sat down for a chat about all things PlayStation recently at the industry-focused Develop conference.

PS4 Chief Mark Cerny Answers Fan Questions

“As a gamer, I have a weakness for JRPGs.” Oh, Mark. How you’ve warmed my cold, cynical heart. That confession is the highlight of this short Q&A with Mr Cerny, also known as the PlayStation 4’s lead architect, but the whole thing’s interesting if you’d like to get inside the…