Those PS3 Games On The PlayStation 5 Store Are Probably A Visual Bug

Those PS3 Games On The PlayStation 5 Store Are Probably A Visual Bug
Image: Adventkamen / Twitter / SIE

We know it’s exciting to see PS3 games appear on the PlayStation Store, but just hold your horses. It’s perfectly okay to get excited for what could be, but a healthy amount of apprehension is vital.

As reported last month, it seems Sony has plans to release an Xbox Game Pass type subscription service for PlayStation. This subscription service will supposedly consist of several tiers, with each tier involving different levels of access to new and old games.

Regarding old games specifically, the rumour mill has gone wild after the architect of the PlayStation 5 Mark Cerny filed a newly updated patent surrounding backwards compatibility. While it’s pretty common for Sony to re-register patents (especially this one), this patent news has sparked interest in whether the new PlayStation subscription service could potentially include games from previous PlayStation consoles.

Another bit of fuel to the rumour fire has been lopped on with PS5 users noticing that PS3 games have begun popping up in the PlayStation Store on their consoles with price tags, something that wasn’t there prior.

While this is new and could be cause for excitement, it isn’t anything new according to Robert Ramsay from PushSquare, with Ramsay noting:

“PS3 titles have been popping up on the PS5 and PS4 stores for years, and whenever it happens, a fresh rumour hits social media. As far as we know, this is just a visual bug — a bug that simply refuses to disappear.”

It’s also important to note that while these PS3 games have started to appear in people’s PlayStation Store menus, they reportedly have no access to the actual games. The visual bug has been popping up on the store for a while now, with players unable to buy or download the games that show up. While the newly-added price tag could potentially change things, it still seems like the games are inaccessible for the time being.

We know that the subscription service, code-named Spartacus, will give users access to new and classic PlayStation games eventually. Perhaps these visual bugs are leaks of what’s to come. For the time being, PlayStation 4 and 5 users do not have access to older generation games on their current and next-gen consoles, but Spartacus is set to release sometime in autumn so all we can do is wait.

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